GLICO has developed a world’s best quality products class as a trusted international company specializing in food commodities, when it comes to the identification and differentiation of various commodities for a full-service international trading company provider.


We can provide logistical flexibility in supply and demand chains and once required by customer we can work collaboratively with you to make sure your business receives the customized service food service required:

  • Customize the  payment process and logistics needs for customer 
  • Prepare and ensure all documentation is prepared on time
  • We can provide you with market research reports to help you make informed decisions
  • We can suggest what is the  right countries of origin to buy from and when is the right time 
  • Recommend the most efficient logistical solutions for customer’s shipments


We believe in adding value for each and every client. Here are a few reasons why it’s the smart choice to do business with us:

  • Long experience in import/export execution
  • Knowledgeable, experienced professionals who understand your products and market variables
  • Risk minimization procedures, strategies and development programs to help you safely grow your business
  • Established global network of procurement and end-user supply chain management
  • Quality Assurance of your products and procedures
  • Proven track record of service excellence, backed by a commitment to ethical business practices
  • Talented team of international traders
  • Experience developing industry best practices and efficiencies
  • Flexibility and versatility that allows us to effectively manage both low and high-volume frequency
  • Worldwide, direct connections with reputable producers, processors and manufacturers